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This product has been discontinued
Check the successor model: XES-40S3

We have manufactured the highly accurate solar
simulators, which is used for evaluations where
sunlight needs to be recreated.
By fully utilizing these technologies, we have
developed this portable Solar Simulator, which
can easily reproduces sunlight.
Our device is optimum solution for initial
evaluations and inspections for the research purpose.

Effective irradiance area: 40mm x 40mm
Small body convenient to carry & set up
The lamp of high stability and a long life (an average of
    2000 hours)
Wide power input range (100V-240V)
AAA class
   Certified JIS 8912 / IEC 60904-9 (2007) / ASTM E927-5
 A CE marked version of XES-40S1
Extensive sales results for research demands

For inspection / measurement of a solar cell.
For inspection / evaluation of LCD.
For experiment of optical science
For the light resistance test of various material.